Debut as Fenena in Nabucco

I'm honored to have been chosen as Fenena for this spectacular concert at the Teatro Astra in San Donà, Venice. It was a pleasure to debut this wonderful role in Nabucco with a fantastic cast and wonderful audience!!!

Great Reviews for "La Vedova Allegra"

The reviews are in.... Novara's "La Vedova Allegra" (The Merry Widow) was a huge success. Here is a bit from the Italian online review "apemusicale" - “Buone le prove di Virginia Mc Intyre (Silvyane, simpatico l’accenno alla cabaletta di Violetta nel finale del primo atto)…” (Great performance from Virginia Mc Intyre- Silvyane - with an enjoyable bit from Violetta's cabaletta in the first act finale....) It was a real pleasure to be a part of such a fabulous production!! For more articles see-

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