Fantastic Cavalleria Rusticana in Dorno!!!

It was absolutely incredible to sing the role of Santuzza in an actual square in front of a Cathedral in Italy!!!! It was like being INSIDE the story. The cast and musicians were AMAZING!!! I feel so honored to have had this wonderful opportunity. Thank you Maestro Gian Marco Moncalieri and the city of Dorno, Italy- I am so very grateful. Here is a link to the official photos:

Italy reopens theaters for Summer Festivals!!! Cavalleria Rusticana - SOLD OUT in Dorno!

It's so great to get back on stage and see all of Italy getting back to experiencing the glory of Italian opera. I feel truly blessed to be able to sing such a fantastic role with a group of people I have come to adore. Obviously, there will be many social distancing restrictions at the performance but the location is a beautiful backdrop for this stunning opera. Thank you to the Corale Vivaldi Association, Maestro Gian Marco Moncalieri and the Comunity of Dorno, Italy for all of your hard work to organize this event. God bless you all!!!

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