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Charity Concert for Mantova's Poma Hospital

The city of Mantova in Lombardy Italy was in one of the zones most affected by the Covid-19 virus. The hospital has also been on the cutting edge of research for plasma treatments so we are lucky to have such fabulous doctors and nurses at our local hospital!!!

It was an honor to be able to bring a bit of joy to the patients and staff during this charity event outside of the emergency area at the Hospital for the ASST association.

"Affacciati alla finestra" - "Look out of your window" is a benefit concert series for the patients in Mantova's "Carlo Poma" hospital. Because patients can't go out to hear live music, we bring the music to them. This particular event was filmed during the COVID outbreak so there was a very small audience in the square in front of the hospital BUT it was an honor to bring a little joy to both hospital staff and patients during this stressful time. May God bless you and your families and keep you safe.


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